Employee benefits program centered around financial and wealth services & education

Support your people to improve their financial wellness & security

employeesGPS uses a plug-and-play technology solution that empowers employees to achieve their financial goals.

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People want and need the help of employers and technology

In a world with increasing levels of uncertainty and instability, employees are increasingly looking to their employers for guidance and security.

67% of adults expect to live past 80, but only 33% are confident they will have enough money to afford to do so.

79% trust employers to give sound, independent advice on planning, saving and investing.

85% of all adults, are interested in secure, easy to use online tools to manage their finances.

86% say improved benefits or access would result in greater job satisfaction and commitment.

Statistics from: Healthy, Wealthy & Work Wise Survey, Mercer.

Retain and attract employees with a wellness program that delivers tangible value

Employee Member Inclusions:

Get a program that benefits your organisation and your people

Employer Inclusions:

From a free financial roadmap to personal financial advice

employeesGPS provides access to affordable personal financial advice, financial education, and a range of subsidised financial services designed to empower your people to make better financial decisions, whatever stage of life they’re at.

Watch this 2-minute video to see how it works.

Your people can make better financial decisions in 4 simple steps

Complete the Money Check-Up or Retirement Check-Up - free financial roadmaps.

Discover the most appropriate financial advice topics or services for their unique circumstances.

Chat with a friendly GPS coach to talk through the options and answer questions.

Purchase, complete and implement the advice online, at their convenience.

Why clients use our compliant digital advice services


A full catalogue of single advice topics and products with only the most suitable being served up.


Digital advice SoAs range from $90-180 AUD per topic.


Clients can access online in their own time and have the option to talk to a GPS Coach.​


Compliant - providing that sense of confidence.​


Clients can dip in and out and progress at their own pace.


Any commission we receive are allocated as follows: 80% to your selected financial adviser and 20% to your supported chartities.

What’s included in the free Money Check Up Report?

What’s included in the free Retirement Check Up Report?

Help your people maximise their Superannuation

Save tax and increase Super benefit
Steps taken during an employee career can significantly improve their long-term financial security.

Improve retirement outcome
Enable your people to confidently manage their super and secure the retirement lifestyle they dream of.

Go beyond financial benefits

Reduce money worries
Improved financial literacy and security lowers stress and improves wellbeing.

A happier workforce
Confidence around finances Increases morale, productivity and engagement.

Support cultural objectives

Become an employer of choice
Be known for exceptional support and achieve retention and attraction goals.

Enhance brand image
Be a leader in making a long term positive impact on your employees' lives.

Who are we?

Fiduciary Financial Group Pty Ltd (trading as moneyGPS, accountantsGPS, and employeesGPS) is an Australian fintech that was established to meet the unserved advice needs of 80%+ of working Australians who cannot afford the average cost of $2070* for single topic face-to-face financial advice. 

employeesGPS provides all employers the opportunity to implement a relevant value proposition that helps their people reduce financial stress and support them to achieve financial goals and improve their lives. 

Fiduciary’s founders have a successful history of designing employee benefit programs and working with leading national organisations such as: P&O Australia, Fuji Xerox, Alcatel, Vodafone, Qantas, and dozens of member-based groups.

The Group is now successfully working with accounting firms, financial advisers, superfunds and retail/member-based groups to deliver a value proposition which resonates with clients as they seek to improve their financial position and achieve their long term financial and retirement goals.

As a leader in the delivery of digital advice technology, the moneyGPS platform has been re-designed to cater for the needs of employers and employees via employeesGPS.

* Investment Trends

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